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Neighborhood public high schools guarantee an education to any student living within their attendance boundaries without having to take a test, win a lottery or go through an interview. Invest in Generation All so we can invest in the future of our city.
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We’ve harnessed the wisdom and energy of stakeholders throughout the city to realize our vision. Here are our ideas.
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We have one goal: to unite Chicagoans in the revitalization of the neighborhood public high school experience.
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Generation All seeks to close opportunity gaps and ensure that all students have access to an inspiring educational experience in a top‑quality neighborhood high school.
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Chicagoans are uniting to revitalize neighborhood public high schools and center them as educational anchors for the surrounding community.
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What can our city and communities do to revitalize neighborhood public high schools so that ALL students experience a top quality education?
Perception vs. Reality at Kelly High School

Since seventh grade, my teachers and family members stressed the importance of attending a selective enrollment high school. Therefore, they placed high importance on the 7th grade ISAT exam because high schools would examine and consider me based on these results. Thus, after exceeding the standards on the ISAT exam, I thought that I had guaranteed my spot in a selective enrollment school. However, I then realized that I still needed to take another exam to ensure my entry into…

CPS High School Single Application FAQs

At our community forum on CPS’ new single application for high schools, we asked attendees to write down questions they have about the new application. These questions cover a broad range of topics and were asked by parents, teachers, counselors, and students.

Recap — Community Forum on New CPS Single Application for High Schools

A significant number of hands rose into the air in response to this opening question at a community forum held at Benito Juarez Community Academy on July 20th. Over 100 parents, teachers, students, counselors, and community members turned out to the forum hosted by Generation All, Raise Your Hand, Chicago Teachers Union, and Brighton Park Neighborhood Council to learn and ask questions about the new “common enrollment” high school application process called GoCPS. Generation All’s executive director Beatriz Ponce de León introduced the…

Generation All Statement for CPS Near South Community Meeting

These remarks were prepared for a community meeting on the closing and consolidation of National Teachers Academy on July 10, 2017. (Speaker sign up ended 30 minutes before the start of the meeting and thus this statement was not publically shared at that time.) My name is Misuzu Schexnider and I am an associate program officer at Generation All, an initiative focused on uniting Chicagoans around revitalizing neighborhood public high schools in this city.  In 2016 we, along with our…

An Open Letter to CPS on the Single Application for High School

CPS parents, teachers, and counselors, Below is a letter regarding the new single application for high school.  If you share these concerns, please sign on to the letter here. To learn more, attend our public forum on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at Benito Juarez Community Academy from 6-7:30pm to hear about the concerns around the new application process.  You can register and find more details here. You can also sign up to attend or speak at the CPS Board meeting on…

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