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Neighborhood public high schools guarantee an education to any student living within their attendance boundaries without having to take a test, win a lottery or go through an interview. Invest in Generation All so we can invest in the future of our city.
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We’ve harnessed the wisdom and energy of stakeholders throughout the city to realize our vision. Here are our ideas.
Welcome to Generation All
We have one goal: to unite Chicagoans in the revitalization of the neighborhood public high school experience.
Why are we here?
Generation All seeks to close opportunity gaps and ensure that all students have access to an inspiring educational experience in a top‑quality neighborhood high school.
How you can help
Chicagoans are uniting to revitalize neighborhood public high schools and center them as educational anchors for the surrounding community.
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What can our city and communities do to revitalize neighborhood public high schools so that ALL students experience a top quality education?

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We all have a role to play in revitalizing our neighborhood public high schools!
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