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Common Purpose

On Wednesday, July 17, 2016 our team hosted a group of the students of Common Purpose from the University of Exeter in Devon, England for lunch. Common Purpose is an international leadership program designed to train culturally intelligent leaders who are prepared to solve the world’s problems. As members of the program, these students came to Chicago to learn about the factors that have shaped our city and the work being done to correct Chicago’s issues. The students, hosted by…

My High School Experience

I grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia and went to Stone Mountain Middle School. Once I started sixth grade, I immediately joined the band and loved it. Most of my friends were in band, and I spent many hours a week practicing my clarinet. I already had a musical background since my family is musical and I started playing piano when I was six. For my future education, I envisioned probably what most of my band peers envisioned: I would…