Generation All Plan Released, Citywide Movement Launched

The event highlighted innovative programs already underway at neighborhood high schools and also called for a movement to infuse them with new partnerships, energy and resources. "We're here to celebrate and to take action," Beatriz Ponce de León, Generation All executive director told participants, who represented nearly every Chicago neighborhood. "Everybody in the city has a role to play." A key proposal in the plan is to halt the closing and opening of new high schools until a comprehensive…

Generation All Reaches Out to Community Through Focus Groups

In August and September, hundreds of Chicagoans will provide feedback to Generation All on its ideas for making a top quality education available at every one of the city's neighborhood public high schools and expanding opportunities for learning both in and out of the classroom. The plan under discussion, still in outline form, was crafted between September 2014 and June 2015 by Generation All's 40-member steering committee and will be released early next year. It includes ideas for creating a…

Home-Grown Solutions for Student Motivation

Three high schools with innovative approaches to motivating students were highlighted at a May 21 forum hosted by Catalyst Chicago and The School Project. The ideas presented are similar to those under discussion by the Generation All Steering Committee, which will release a plan later this summer to improve learning opportunities for the city's neighborhood high school students. Beatriz Ponce de León, executive director of Generation All, spoke as a panelist at the event. She noted that the best ideas…

‘Deeper Learning’ in high schools is challenging, but possible

Focusing on students' achievement undermines their learning. That's what Pedro Noguera, education professor at New York University, told an audience of educators, parents, students, and non-profit professionals who turned out to Generation All's third community forum at Wells Community Academy High School on April 14. Instead, kids need complex and engaging projects that they can't master in a single try, he said. "The real learning is in the revision. And the real teaching is in the feedback, not the grade."…

January 14 Speaker series presentation: Rebecca E. Wolfe

If students don't feel ownership of their learning, what little they do learn is superficially understood and easily forgotten. That's what brain researchers are finding and what's driving new interest in "student-centered learning," across the country, according to Rebecca E. Wolfe of Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit based in Boston. The research is unequivocal, Wolfe told an audience of mainly educators at Generation All's second community forum on January 15 in downtown Chicago. "If students don't have some…

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