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Real School Choice Requires Investment in Strong Neighborhood High Schools – Catalyst Op-Ed

A version of this op-ed first appeared in Catalyst Chicago.  Continue the discussion there or on our Facebook page. It seems that few people believe in neighborhood public high schools these days. And that’s unfortunate because neighborhood schools are central to building a better Chicago that benefits every resident.  To have a city of strong neighborhoods, we need strong neighborhood public high schools. In Chicago, these schools serve over 47,000 students, or 42.5% percent of all CPS 9th –…

Welcome To Generation All

Hello! Welcome to the Generation All website. I am Beatriz Ponce de León, executive director of Generation All, and I will be writing here to keep readers up to date on the happenings of the initiative, provide perspective on research and policy developments related to our work, and share news from our steering committee members and other partner organizations. We will occasionally have guest bloggers to add multiple layers of perspective and expertise to our conversation. So why are we…