Intern Reflection: Schools are Pillars of the Community

I grew up in California’s East San Francisco Bay Area, a diverse region which inevitably came with it’s own complex set of socioeconomic trends and tensions. I attended El Cerrito High, a mid-sized public school located in a semi-urban neighborhood just a few blocks removed from the small collection of shops and restaurants that make up downtown El Cerrito. Bordered by the stereotypically lower-income city of Richmond (with a median annual household income of around $44,000) and upper-middle class city…

GenAll Intern Reflection: High School Choice isn’t Really a Choice

I grew up in Thornton, Colorado, a northern suburb of Denver. It’s a town with boundaries that straddle the boundary line between the cookie-cutter suburbs and the large swaths of prairie farmlands that make up most of the northern half of the state. Colorado has made some questionable policy decisions when it comes to education, and I feel that my experience is an example of many of the pitfalls of school choice as a public education policy decision. My high…

Generation All’s Public Comments on the 2017-2018 Draft School Actions Guidelines

Generation All works to unite Chicagoans in revitalizing neighborhood public high schools so all students experience high-quality learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom with the support of the wider community. In this vein, we are submitting feedback on the 2017-2018 draft guidelines for school actions. In April 2016, the Generation All steering committee released its action plan, Strong Neighborhood High Schools for a Stronger Chicago, in which we call for a citywide, neighborhood-informed plan for all high school…

We Are the 100’s Project Recap

As audience members settled into their seats in the auditorium at Harlan High School on Friday August 11th, noises and teenagers bounced around the room. Students darted up the stage’s steps and slid behind the curtains while set pieces were rolled across the stage. The short performance incorporated everything from straight acting and spoken word poetry, to singing, dancing, and rapping. The first act began with students waiting at a bus stop and ended with a violent shooting. Next, the set…

CPS High School Single Application FAQs

At our community forum on CPS' new single application for high schools, we asked attendees to write down questions they have about the new application. These questions cover a broad range of topics and were asked by parents, teachers, counselors, and students.

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