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Schools for Racial Equity Summit

Generation All Leads Workshop on Identifying Equity Issues in Schools Dozens of teachers from around the city gave up their Saturday to assess racial equity issues within their own schools and across the district. The first Schools for Racial Equity Summit was organized by Chicago United for Equity and held at National Teachers Academy where faculty and community members continue to organize in resistance to the closure of this majority African-American, Level 1+ school. Our own Beatriz Ponce de Leon and Alexios…

Intern Reflection: Schools are Pillars of the Community

I grew up in California’s East San Francisco Bay Area, a diverse region which inevitably came with it’s own complex set of socioeconomic trends and tensions. I attended El Cerrito High, a mid-sized public school located in a semi-urban neighborhood just a few blocks removed from the small collection of shops and restaurants that make up downtown El Cerrito. Bordered by the stereotypically lower-income city of Richmond (with a median annual household income of around $44,000) and upper-middle class city…