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Generation All statement at the July 2018 CPS Board of Education meeting

Statement to the Chicago Board of Education, July 25, 2018 Good afternoon. My name is Beatriz Ponce de Leon. I’m the executive director of Generation All. We work to expand equity in education by supporting, investing in and advocating for neighborhood public high schools and their students. Imagine that you've been in an accident. You're injured so you make your way to the emergency room. The room is filled with people with a variety of injuries, from minor to life…

GenAll Intern Reflection: High School Choice isn’t Really a Choice

I grew up in Thornton, Colorado, a northern suburb of Denver. It’s a town with boundaries that straddle the boundary line between the cookie-cutter suburbs and the large swaths of prairie farmlands that make up most of the northern half of the state. Colorado has made some questionable policy decisions when it comes to education, and I feel that my experience is an example of many of the pitfalls of school choice as a public education policy decision. My high…