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We Are the 100’s Project Recap

As audience members settled into their seats in the auditorium at Harlan High School on Friday August 11th, noises and teenagers bounced around the room. Students darted up the stage’s steps and slid behind the curtains while set pieces were rolled across the stage. The short performance incorporated everything from straight acting and spoken word poetry, to singing, dancing, and rapping. The first act began with students waiting at a bus stop and ended with a violent shooting. Next, the set…

Perception vs. Reality at Kelly High School

Since seventh grade, my teachers and family members stressed the importance of attending a selective enrollment high school. Therefore, they placed high importance on the 7th grade ISAT exam because high schools would examine and consider me based on these results. Thus, after exceeding the standards on the ISAT exam, I thought that I had guaranteed my spot in a selective enrollment school. However, I then realized that I still needed to take another exam to ensure my entry into…