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RECAP – Generation All Youth Conference 2017

"Neighborhood schools are the cornerstone of what that [community]  is,” said Phenom, a Hip Hop Activist, to start off the first ever Youth Conference held by Generation All. Generation All’s executive director Beatriz Ponce De Leon explained to the audience the root cause of Generation All’s purpose: “In our city we've put emphasis on more school choices, instead of bettering the schools we already have. We need to improve the existing neighborhood schools." Many organizations and students came together…

Rethinking My High School Choice

Though it might be unusual to hear from someone working at Generation All, I was a private school kid. The tiny private high school I attended was created in 2007 with an initial graduating class of only 49 students. Although my parents are attendees of, employees of, and general supporters of public education institutions, they had heard through the grapevine about a new “independent” high school opening up in the neighborhood next to ours that promoted an education heavily focused…