At Generation All, we champion neighborhood public high schools because we see the value they provide our community. These schools not only serve as anchor institutions in our communities, but they also serve as the cornerstones of democracy, providing opportunities for students from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We recognize that quality public education and community vitality go hand-in-hand. Investing in neighborhood public high schools not only benefits the students, but it makes our communities stronger, more resilient and more vibrant.

Everyday, we see students and educators working together to attain quality education in neighborhood public high schools. We believe every one of these students has potential.

Generation All works to unite Chicagoans in revitalizing neighborhood public high schools so that all students experience high quality learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. We envision one city united in support of our neighborhood public high schools and their students.

Why our work is important

It’s time for a sustained, coordinated, citywide effort to give all of our young people the chance to reach their potential and to contribute their skills and talents to the life of our city. In the last two years Generation All has:

  • Harnessed the wisdom and energy of students, parents, community leaders, policy makers and educators throughout the city to create an action plan to revitalize neighborhood public high schools: Strong Neighborhood High Schools for a Stronger Chicago
  • Invested over half a million dollars in grants to sixteen organizations working to strengthen our neighborhood high schools
  • Created a citywide dialogue about neighborhood public high schools through a speaker series, social media, editorials in Crain’s, the Sun-times and Catalyst, and participation in numerous panel discussions and events
  • Convened a group of neighborhood public high school principals to work with us on implementing action plan strategies
  • Earned the endorsement of the editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times for our action plan
  • Expanded our network to over 50 organizations committed to work with us to make this vision a reality

Why we need your support

We invite you to join our efforts! In order for Generation All to reach all neighborhood public high schools and their students, we need your financial support. Your investment in Generation All will enable us to:

  • Provide new grants to organizations that help build the capacity of neighborhood public high schools to deliver high quality learning opportunities for students, both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Generate and share powerful information that advocates for neighborhood public high schools and education equity through communication campaigns, research and policy briefs, and public events
  • Build public and political will for neighborhood public high schools by running a campaign to increase enrollment and learning opportunities
  • Work with students to change the narrative about their neighborhood public high schools, as well as building their confidence by providing opportunities to become civically involved in their communities

With your support, join us in making Chicago’s public education system stronger so that all students, regardless of ability, race, ethnicity or income level, experience a high quality education at their neighborhood high schools!